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7th Week - Evaluate Your Progress

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6th Week - Check-In with Your Goals

It is very easy to lose ambition at this point. You have probably devoted a lot of time to starting your writing, yet the other responsibilities are piling up. You think you can skip a few days and your project won't notice. This isn't happening. Every step provides a use, even when your document crashes and you lose your content.

This next week is to reorganize your project. Take time to rest a little and trust that you will accomplish your goal you originally set out to accomplish. All great writer's take a break from their project. If you have found you've lost ambition, scale back your daily goal and give yourself permission to partake in a fraction of your initial daily goal-set.

If you find yourself feeling totally energized and craving more, go for it! Recreate a new daily goal that strengthens yourself. No matter what, keep going to the end with this. Have your projects ready by next month. That's the objective. Go!

5th Week - Communication Platforms

Communicating about your book and getting your message out takes time and energy just like writing your book did. It takes consistency and diligence in seeking the right platforms for advertising and marketing.

Come up with a list of places you would like to promote your book and other platforms. Include podcasts, bookstores, blogs, television programs. Write a presentation about your book and practice it.

Come up with as many pre-organized platforms you can think of to help you in the ease of your marketing. Below is one example of how authors use media to promote themselves.







4th Week - Book Reviews

What are people saying about your book?

Book reviews are the highest compliment you can give an author. This week, write out the book reviews you hope to receive. Include testimonials you would like to hear people say. Place these testimonials prominently in your writing area. Let them serve as a reminder of why you're writing.

3rd Week - Author Interviews

Challenge: Find three people to interview you about your book. If they can't seem to come up with their own questions, write some questions out to give to them. Make note of all the questions asked so you can use them in your press release kit.

2nd Week - Plot Your Business Model

Like a great plot in a story, your book needs a great business model for selling. Write your business model for your book.


1. What would you like to get from writing this?
2. How do you want your writing to be perceived?
3. How do you plan to sell the book?
4. How does your book ties in with other things you are doing?
5. What is the overall business plan you will be using as your model?

1st Week - Writer's 90 Day Challenge


Write Your Book Bio & Your Author Bio

Ready, Set Go!

1. What is unique about you?
2. What makes you knowledgeable to write about this topic?
3. What is the passion behind writing this?
4. What else have you done?
5. Who are you in concept?